Lookout: Three Debut Novels – Coming out May 2012!

I searched Amazon for novels coming out in May 2012 and found the three debut novels that sounded pretty interesting!

Half Sick Of Shadows by David Logan

Half Sick Of Shadows by David Logan

Half Sick Of Shadows by David Logan

On the eve of Granny Hazel’s burial in the back garden, a stranger in his time machine visits five year old Edward with an odd request.
Edward agrees to be his friend.
Sophia, Edward’s twin, brings future tragedy upon herself by misunderstanding a promise she makes to their dour father.
While Sophia stays at home, in The Manse, Edward is sent to boarding school where he encounters the strangest child, Alf, whose existence intimates universes of unlimited possibilities.

With its Gothic backdrop of rural – and institutional – isolation, Half Sick of Shadows is a comical tragedy, an evocative tale of childhood wonder, familial dysfunction, theoretical physics, poetry, and how men of vivid imagination get their ideas.

Taken from Random House

This sounds awsome! I really want to read this right now.

Fantastik AG by Jan Oldenburg

Fantastik AG by Jan Oldenburg

Fantastik AG by Jan Oldenburg


Ein Professor. Ein Student. Eine Tür zu einer fremden Welt. Und ein Haufen größenwahnsinniger Kobolde. Das kann doch nicht gut gehen …

Für Professor Welk bedeutet das Studienfach der Phantastik alles – hat er doch eine treue Anhängerschaft von Studenten, denen eine glänzende Zukunft bevorsteht … Nun gut, er hat einen Studenten. Und der wird nach seinem Abschluss im Bahnhofsimbiss arbeiten. Immerhin. Doch jetzt soll der Studiengang geschlossen werden. Und so müssen Welk und sein Student Theodor den Übertritt in die Fernen Länder wagen, die magische Welt, über die sie alles zu wissen glauben – und die doch verrückter ist als alles, was ihre Forschungen besagten. Denn hier herrscht die »Fantastik AG«, ein Bund dunkler Kobolde, die nichts weniger als den Weltuntergang anstreben. Professor Welk und Theodor stehen ihnen im Weg – und vor ihrer schwersten Prüfung …

Taken from Piper Fantasy

This book is by a German author, therefor, of course, the synopsis is in German too. “Fantastik AG” (something like fantasy working group.. wow that sounds lame!) is about a professor and his only student who have to fight for their institute and against goblins who want to rule the world. Sounds weird, whimsical and funny. Amazon said, a mixture of Terry Pratchett and Walter Moers. I definitly have to read this. If you speak German, go check out the reading sample!

Montefiore’s Goddaughter by Elizabeth Brooks

Montefiore's Goddaughter by Elizabeth Brooks

Montefiore's Goddaughter by Elizabeth Brooks

Where do you go at night, once you have turned out the light?

Abigail Crabtree’s imaginary world a precious escape from the waking world. That is until one wintry night, when a sinister horseman appears to wrest it from her in the name of the King of Traumund. Desperate to save her realm, she turns to her godfather—the enchanting Mr. Montefiore—for help. She takes refuge in his desolate country house, where rumors of cruelty and murder abound. Abigail and her giant owl soar outside her imaginary world and into the vast universe of collective dreams.

But even as she delights in Traumund’s bewildering beauty, she finds herself ever more seduced by the very evil that threatens to destroy it. How can Abigail remember what she is fighting for? How can she even be sure where her loyalties lie? And, most of all, will she ever be free of the intensely beguiling Mr. Montefiore?

Taken from Barnes & Noble

This sounds so amazingly creepy, the idea is unique, I would love to read this!

Would you read any of these books? Do they sound interesting to you? Let me know!

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