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Book Chat – Desert Island Books

This book chat is hosted by the wonderful Misty from The Book Rat! You should check out her blog if you don’t already know her. This month’s topic desert island books. You choose five books, one in each of five different categories. Survival books are not allowed. Here is what I’d take!

1. Re-Read

I originally wanted a really huge book for this one, so, you know, that I have a lot to read while I’m stranded. BUT: I think it would be awesome and classy to be on a desert island with this one: I choose The Tempest by William Shakespeare!

2. Never read:

I will bend the rules a little here and choose Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. It is actually just one book in three volumes, so that is not cheating. But I already read the first volume, so… But I never finished the whole thing, so I think it counts.

3. Childhood favorite

For this category, I can not quite decide. The books are from the same author though. I would love to take a bind-up of all his works, because he was such a great writer and storyteller.

I would either take Momo or The Night Of Wishes by Michael Ende. Both of those books I loved as a kid and enjoyed the story as films and audiobooks too. The Night Of Wishes is a really cute story that I reread and enjoyed throughout my life and although I haven’t read Momo since I was in primary school, the story is still with me. From this book I learned, that, if you’re cleaning a street, you should never look at the whole street ahead of you. Instead you should focus on the little bit of street at your feet. This way, it won’t seem as much and you will be ready before you even know it. This comes to my mind a lot when I have to accomplish a task that seems huge or when I just have to walk down a long street.

4. Series

This is hard! I think, I will chose A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R.R. Martin. I haven’t finished the series yet, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to like it. And the books are huge, so I can really pass the time with this one!

5. Everything-you-want-slot

I can not go to a desert island without my favorite book, which is The City Of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers. It is my comfort book and I love reading it so much!

Which five books would you take to a desert island?

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