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Book Review – The Thirteenth by L.G. Twynham

Let me start by saying: This is the first book ever that I finished and immediately started reading again. I am so in love with this unique plot and all the characters, I just feel the need to read it again so that I can soke all that up that I may have missed the first time around. I experienced this with movies before (I think I saw High Fidelity at least five times back to back before I took a break), but never with books. Yes, I loved books before. Very much. But I did not feel the need to read them again.

That being said, lets talk about what The Thirteenth is about. Val is just about to turn eighteen. Apart from her love for comics and superhero shirts, she is quite ordinary. She kept pretty much to herself her entire life and has not many friends except from Delta, her designer clothes wearing, shopping addicted best friend. The only unusual thing about her are her reoccurring dreams of a village which seem to take place hundreds of years ago and a pain in her arm. And then, on her eighteenth birthday, a tattoo appears on her arm and really unnatural things start to happen.

Plot+me=Love. Really. At first, I was not that drawn into the book. I just really enjoyed reading it, but I could put it down easily. But then, after I hit the 40% mark on my kindle, I couldn’t stop anymore. I read the remaining part of the book in one sitting. I really liked the superhero-like things that happened in the book. I liked the twists and the crazy things that went on at the end and in between. Awesome plot is awesome.

I really liked the characters too. What I really liked about Val’s character was that she is quick-witted and funny and often acts before she thinks. That makes her an even more likeable character and hero. Sometimes I wanted to scream at the book to make her stop and think, but in the end I’m glad she had that attribute, because I now realized how much I like her for it. I really liked Delta, too, although she is portrayed as self-centered and Barbie-like, she still was a likeable character.

The villians in this book where awesome, too. They were pure evil, wicked and sardistic and so much fun to read about.

One thing that I did not like – there was a little bit of insta-love going on. It did not take over the story at all, but I couldn’t stand how fast Val fell for this guy. Not cool. Also, the love interests where a little too gorgeous for my taste. I was never into boygroups, in fact I hated them, so overly gorgeous men still make me want to puke. A little less photoshop, a little more reality please. BUT – as I said, the story didn’t focus on this and I quite liked the turn it took.

The tone of the books was another thing I really enjoyed. It was witty and sarcastic, just the way I love it. The writing style was simple but good. I didn’t like how the third person narrator was somehow limited to one character, but then within the scene seemed to change the character it was focused on. I found that to be a little irritating, but it didn’t bother me all too much.

The Thirteenth is the first in a series of six books. Will I read the next book? I’ll let you guess that one.

Have I raved about this book enough? I thing I have. Now, go out and read this wonderful book. If you love it, tell me! If you hated it – don’t tell me yet. I want to stay in seventh heaven with this book just a little while longer. I’m afraid that if someone pointed out the flaws to me – because lets be honest, every book has something someone hates about it – the spell would be broken and the magic of this reading experience will fade. Do you know what I mean?

Read an excerpt here!

Check out Pricilla’s review, the awesome youtuber through whom I learned about the book!

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